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Posted by damienroc at Nov 27, 2004 12:40:21 AM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Breaking a nil is something that takes team coordination, and will probably happen later in the round.

Generally the ideal scenario will happen like this:

Nil partner will play a low card in a suit.
Your partner will play to lose.
Nil player will play some card that beats their partner's card (effectively, there's a bit of luck here)
You play something under the nil player.

Forcing the issue can be difficult. If you're really good at reading cards and such, you can try to calculate where the nil player has "hanging power." Then the game is trying to force the issue. Whether this is easier with Nil (which they bid because they saw their hand first, and saw that they could play it to lose) or Blind Nil (where they didn't see the hand before the bet, but get to ditch two cards.) Of course, in both cases, the nil player will usually bet third or fourth (so after their partner and at least one of the other players) so they should have a good feeling about the "power" of the table.

Now, with respect to Glorailin's hands. My analysis is roughly the same as Whitefire's, except in the second, I probably would have bid three no matter what. Generally speaking, I'd expect most suits to go around twice before someone starts trumping. Effectively ace and king wins. Granted, depending on how the hand plays, the Ace might not hit before the second trick. Even so, average distribution is going to have three players with three cards in the suit, and one player with four. Not only that, but you've also got a nice amount of Spades. With the short hearts, You can probably expect to convert two of them and the king. I'd consider three normal, and two conservative.

Note that with bidding, your partner can make a big difference. If your partner tends to bid risky, you might want to bid conservative. And vice versa. (This can be difficult to tell with random partners.)
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