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Posted by Whitefire at Nov 25, 2004 1:05:12 PM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Basic Biding Strategy: Part 1

Biding is a very deep concept in Spades. How you bid is a major way of communicating with your partner. This post and the next will be basic guides of how to count your cards without factoring the other aspects. I will go over percentages, odds, bidding conventions, etc. in later, more advanced posts.

Hand 1

Weak length in Spades and short in Hearts. The Aces of Spades and Diamonds are both winners. With your length in Spades you will pick up 1-3 extra tricks.

Whitefire's bid - 4

Hand 2

Shortness in Spades will make you wish to Nil, but your strength in every other suit is an almost a garunteed set. Your A is a winner, and you should be able to pick off 2-3 other tricks before the trump is played.

Whitefire's bid - 3

Hand 3

Short in Spades and Hearts, long in Diamonds. The A of spades is a winner. The regular deal of 3 clubs means your A and K are both likely winners. The length in Diamonds means the K is likely to be trumped. Shortness in Diamonds should let you convert your low Spade into a winner.

Whitefire's bid - 4

Hand 4

Here we have a very strong hand. Regular distribution in all of your suits implies a high chance of trump being played on each suit's third lead. All 3 clubs should be counted as winners, as well as the two other A's and the K of diamonds. If the Q of clubs or the K of diamonds is trumped, the middling spades in combination with the A will let you snipe an extra trick. (I'll cover this playing strategy later).

Whitefire's bid - 6

Hand 5

I accidentally played a card before I took the SS v_v.

Short in spades, but with a strong card. Short in Diamonds and useless length in the other suits. This hand is a pure nil except for the Diamonds and lonely spade (frustrating, I know). the A is a winner and the Q of spades should convert into a trick on the short suited diamonds.

Whitefire's bid - 2

Hand 6

This is one of those hands that will pull your hair out. The amount of low cards you have make you want to nil, but the Q6 pair in diamonds scream set. You can bid 1 for sure, a risky nil or a long shot of 2.

Whitefire's bid - Nil

After this hand, our opponent froze, so we didn't get to end the game. (The score was 450 us to 320 them, so it was over anyways).

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