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Posted by Smackey at Nov 25, 2004 12:51:14 PM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Whitefire wrote: 
Smackey wrote: 
I don't like nil. I never play it IRL, since it's silly. So that's why I generally avoid it. Plus, it's only 50 points. It's much better to go 2 and set the other team than to bid nil and make your not-so-whopping 50 points

50 points is better than 20 points. And if you have a good partner, you can usually bag the other team into a bag set. Not niling is a good way to lose.

Minus whatever they have (Assuming it's 30 or over) as points is better than 20 points. As you know, Spades is a very situational game. But anyway, if I have somewhat good nil hand, but there is 11 tricks on the board, I'm not gonna go nil. I'll go for the set. Ya, it really does depend on your partner for a lot of things.

Anyway, I personally cannot give much tips about Nil, aside from obvious ones, because it's not in the rules that I've played for over 4 or so years. I don't know what it is, but it just never appealed to me or the people I played with. I really think it's a silly rule in spades, but that doesn't mean I'm asking for the Devs to change it or whatever.
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