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Posted by 54x at Nov 25, 2004 6:02:50 AM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Cool. :) As a guide to quick bidding: An ace and, if you are feeling lucky, any cards that you have in a run from an ace are generally enough to bid one for each. (eg. if you have A, K, and Q) You are guarenteed to win with the Ace of Spades and any card in a run that connects to it. If you've got the queen and king of spades, you can afford to bid for one of them. Etc... When using these guidelines, don't bet over 6.

Bidding 3 is "safe": you are predicting that you'll perform averagely. If your hand looks especially bad, you should be bidding under 3. If it looks pretty good, you can start going up to 4 or maybe even 5. Keep in mind that there are twelve tricks, and you're bidding for only half of your partnership, so bidding six is effectively saying you'll play half of a perfect round.

Anyway, back to whitefire while he build a much more robust guide. Can't wait to see it mate :)
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