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Posted by Whitefire at Nov 25, 2004 2:55:23 AM
Re: Spades-palooza [Dial-up Warning. Many images within.]
Alternate Playing Formats


Bid the number of a specific suit in your hand. The suit may be Spades, Hearts, Clubs or Diamonds. The total bid will always come out to 13.


One team mate bids, the other goes nil. The first partner to bid decides who does which one.


You must play your cards, in order, from right to left. So you start with your highest diamond and work your way left to your lowest spade.


You must bid the same number of tricks as your partner.

I will add more in later =D.

If you agree on an alt format, but forget to play by a rule, it is traditional that the person who messed up leaves the table and forfeits the game. But ask before you do this. People are forgiving (especially right now since so many players are new to the game) and will probably let the error go.

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