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Posted by Winklecat at Oct 14, 2010 6:15:43 PM
A Crimson Forum Event: Suggest a Song
It occurred to me one day, when I had to log on to Sage to talk about a song with Antolivi, that one of Crimson's inherent difficulties due to the chat filter is that it is a lot harder for us to get to know each other by those benign conversations about music and various other non-piratey things that pirates talk about. These things help us to find common ground, and shared experiences or likes and dislikes are always good for making pirates feel more like a cohesive group.

Then I saw Apollo's blog on the letter M for music...which gave me an idea!

I live in a coastal city, and I work near a large river. At lunch I often walk along the nearby river dyke across from the airport. I enjoy watching airplanes take off for hopefully exciting places, and I also enjoy the wildlife I see along the river. Yesterday a bald eagle fishing, today a seal and a great blue heron, as well as the usual seagulls and ducks...When I walk, I listen to music, as it helps me walk faster. (At my age, I need to get my heartbeat up on a regular basis!)

My playlist needs to be updated. So, with Apollo's inspiration to give me a bit of courage, here is a modest forum event to help expand my playlist.

Suggest a song (or several!) for my playlist.
You could suggest a song for a pirate lass longing to get back out to sea...
Or, if you know me, or would like me to get to know you, suggest a song that will remind me of you when I listen to it.
Or a song that you love to walk/run/dance to.

Please give reasons, a description, or a little story to go with your suggestion.
This is a totally subjective event! But some of the criteria I will consider may include:
1. Does your explanation or description make me smile/laugh out loud?
2. How well does it fit the category you are submitting it for?
3. Is it a song I add to my playlist?
4. Is it a completely new song for me?

Prizes: A sloop, and some wrapped badges (the number and type of which I have not decided, and it will depend a bit on how many prizes I want to give out). I may also be able to dig up a trinket or two.

As this is my first forum event, it is probably full of flaws, for which I apologize in advance. I have to start somewhere.

Some other things: english is my first language, but I also understand french to a modest degree. If you wish to submit a song in another language, a translation into english would be great! If you are good at links, feel free; as this is Crimson, no X-rated ones please!
If it isn't available on ITunes or youtube, you will definitely need to give me a link, if you want me to consider more than the title and your description.
Deadline for entries: Midnight Game Time on November 5, 2010.
Please use this thread for questions and to post your suggestions.
All prizes will be awarded on Crimson. After all, my goal is to get more pirates playing there, more often!

Captain of Dark Guardians on Crimson,
SO of The Bootleggers on Sage
SO of The Bootleggers on Emerald
Royal and occasional monarch of The End

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