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Posted by stowaway1693 at Oct 9, 2010 10:00:16 PM
Re: Cleopatra's Mess
Trixylicks wrote: 
And maybe those that do remember the past will stand alone, lonely. As 12 months ago those that are now on the top 10 fame board would certainly never be that high ranking, wouldn?t you agree don ?

So you will once again have a pretty island, with very rarely anybody coming to visit, the most Cleo in the last 12 months has had is 40 ppl living their mostly from our flag !!!!!

Interestingly after the blockade, once again I was the only one stood in the inn!!! not cos I smell lol but cos who gives a damn.

I?ve enjoyed the fun on this game and have an awesome flag, shame others won?t let newer players hit the blockade board!!!!

how can new blockaders compete against ppl who played in a different era and carpers like springheel and old school pirates like yearbook !

so I repeat maybe those that do remember the past will stand alone, lonely, in the not to distant future.

I believe to counter the lack of visitors, Don suggested they would build a tailor bazaar as that would cause greenies to spawn on the island. If you ask me, that's one sure-fire way to increase visitors. Strange that your flag didn't think of it when you held the island.

I'm curious though about your comment regarding new blockaders. Were there new blockaders on the board today? If you're referring to your own flag, and holding an island, I hardly think you count as "new" (barring any special circumstances), and anyone holding an island should be prepared to defend with little to no warning, despite whatever may be "fair".

I think Bipolar have been more than fair and have been very sportsman-like about this, making it more about the game of blockading than about personal issues, despite the underlying political reasons for choosing to become involved.

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