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Posted by stowaway1693 at Oct 8, 2010 5:56:21 PM
Re: Cleopatra's Mess

Initially I thought that as bad as it was, it's your island, so whatever. I shrugged and moved on. Then I read this post post of yours. After seeing your petulant, childish attitude, I decided to do something instead of just letting it be. Thankfully the rest of Bipolar agreed with me that we ought to at least try to do something. (Actually, I think they just like to shoot barnacle up, and any excuse is as good as any other.)

I am posting here now because I thought you'd like to know just how much your political "finesse" really made an impact on me (as well as others). Looking at the rest of the tartfest that appeared after the post I quoted, here's to hoping Alniyat and Xule, and others, will come out to help us clean up your mess.


Not that my endorsement means much - but I'm in complete agreement with your assessment of the response.

Midnight- now in Phresh Phoenix Phlavour

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