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Posted by Donsmythe at Oct 8, 2010 5:33:05 PM
Re: Cleopatra's Mess
Look ... it was created ... if it had been dusted right off the bat it would have left a rubble pile there as well.

It took so long to get the labor applied because it required an enormous amount of stone that took a little while to find .

Labor has started and the more that take a job the faster it is finished and you should help because it is not moving .

I was not part of the decision to dust the trading post but it was not helping commerce on the island anyways

And alni ... you love the little island because it was our piece of land . We took it and made ourselves something . So dont act like you're the only ones that care for it .

As to the winch , witch, w/e ... continue to call it home but deal with the fact that the shipyard is gonna be there .... if you dont like it then use the magical "set as home" button on some other island . Honestly if you dont run a shop there then you cant be doing much more than storing your stuff there . Enjoy the new shop or leave .. your decision .

I was in a flag that held Cleopatra's Pearls for a while. We cared very much about the beautiful layout and worked hard to take good care of the island.

There used to be one shop there - a distillery. I was the last deedholder. I gave it up so that it could be dusted and turned into shacks. Then the plan was to find a way to get a tailor bazaar built so the island could spawn greenies, possibly by dusting the apothecary bazaar first. The island changed hands before the plan could be finished - the shacks were built once the distillery poofed, but that's as far as it got.

I was a bit annoyed when I saw you built a shipyard bazaar there instead - seriously bad idea when you consider the wood supply for that arch. (I know people that move wood from Ruby down to Zeta because they can't get it fast enough or at a good enough price on Zeta!) And the location? My eyes bled. Seems to me like both the choice of building and plot location could have been a lot better.

Initially I thought that as bad as it was, it's your island, so whatever. I shrugged and moved on. Then I read this post post of yours. After seeing your petulant, childish attitude, I decided to do something instead of just letting it be. Thankfully the rest of Bipolar agreed with me that we ought to at least try to do something. (Actually, I think they just like to shoot barnacle up, and any excuse is as good as any other.)

I am posting here now because I thought you'd like to know just how much your political "finesse" really made an impact on me (as well as others). Looking at the rest of the tartfest that appeared after the post I quoted, here's to hoping Alniyat and Xule, and others, will come out to help us clean up your mess.

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