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Posted by Neonila at Oct 8, 2010 2:50:55 PM
Re: Cleopatra's Mess
Dont take half the crew next time you leave a flag ... better yet ... dont leave a crew if you really care about it that much ... part ways by all means but dont expect to get a say in what happens after you're gone .

4 people left the crew at that time. I assume you manage to lose the rest and didnt recruit a soul in half a year. No I have no say but my point stands "Your managing of the crew is as lousy as your managing of the island"

And now ... since I remember that being in MC I had to appologise right and left for your blunders are you speaking for MC? Or just being the usual embarassing royal?
Booching Blaggards ->

If the Fish Rumour Mongers had their way, we'd be dropping on everything.
I dropped a plate the other day. Does that count?
-- Missiep --

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