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Posted by Neonila at Oct 8, 2010 2:26:31 PM
Re: Cleopatra's Mess
And alni ... you love the little island because it was our piece of land.

We took it and made ourselves something.

We? Who we? Xule did. He pumped half a million into commods and he and I did two trade runs a week. He payed the TP rent every week from his own coffers. And Xule, Fleurs and me sailed the stone in one night from different locations around the ocean to try and get the 1st TP on Midnight. Xule payed a sub for a new account just to provide labour for the construction. So "we"???
So dont act like you're the only ones that care for it .

Act like mate? I think I was nice in my previous post. But I don't like your tone. So heres my opinion, I will tell you what I told your royals a long time ago: You don't take care of Cleos and you are barely online. Add to that you are a bad politician and with a 50K contribution to a blockade you think that "we raised the poe to blockade".

Edit: And thanks for taking care of my old crew the way youre taking care of the island.
Booching Blaggards ->

If the Fish Rumour Mongers had their way, we'd be dropping on everything.
I dropped a plate the other day. Does that count?
-- Missiep --

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