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Posted by RedSeaWitch at Oct 3, 2010 11:17:48 AM
Cleopatra's Mess
Everytime, I go HOME, I am disgusted.

WW was born on Zeta, and moved to Cleo within 2 days. I've lived there ever since. It's my home away from the hustle and bustle of shop keeping

I've always liked the symmetry of the layout.

When the special building on the island dusted, I could understand that. The pile of rubble away from town was unsightly, but acceptable.

Then suddenly, someone built something that became rubble quickly enough, right in town at the corner of the circle.

And now, for the past gawd knows how long, there's a construction site right next to my front door. For a Ship Bazaar....

Some urban planners.. hah! this is one of those, "What WERE they thinking" kind of things...

Why there?
Why not on a rubble spot?
Why not near the other shoppes?
Why not on the island?
and why the hell doesn't it get finished?

and... PLEASE, won't you have the OM's clean up those unsightly piles of rubble?
Hags of the Wicked Winds, Cerulean
Collecting Hake & Hagfish
HS on Viri:
Captain shouts, for heaven's sake, don't leave th :P
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