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Posted by etieti at Sep 30, 2010 5:57:27 PM
etieti wrote: 
1-A-Open islands for cading

8- Make event cades that humans can govern an island .. for 1 week ... 2 weeks ... 1 month?? At least some cades and people can enjoy governing an island!

These would be a couple of ways to eliminate the no shoppes on Crimson problem, provided the Developers believe it is suitable to allow governors to place shoppe building sites.

Governors with the ability to place shoppe building sites don't necessarily have to be awarded via winning a blockade. The Ocean Masters might hold a contest (or auction) instead. Or shoppes could be awarded by the Ocean Masters through auctions or contests.

It would of course be up to Three Rings Design to decide whether auctions and contests to win island governorships or shoppes is something they'd really want on the Crimson Ocean. It's a possibility anyway.

Wasn't this what they did when Midnight first opened Failkston?
Or something similar.. I think I remember seeing in an old thread somewhere.

Ice has the same type of problems we do.
Not enough regular players, peak times and low points that mess with the commode delivery and spawning times.
(And Government dependability.)

I do think that a couple of Outpost islands where say a ship yard could be built..
Or a new building type.. A Real Bazzaar..that held.. x(as a Maximum) number of stalls.. EACH a DIFFERENT TYPE. Enter the Bazzaar Main Door. Instead of selecting personal stalls of one kind.. Select which type ye wanted.. Say and IM , a Shipyard or an Apoth or a Weavery. etc

Deeds could be governor owned and transfer with the island.
Or Stalls deeded separately and sold.. on a first come basis..(or purchased by the governor and resold) or not.. with the possibility of selling it on of ye wanted..
A stall gone dark simply empties the hold , returns escrow to orderers if any left etc and dusts the deed for that owner.. Allowing a new owner to come along and buy that particular stall type again.

Also , different housing.
Perhaps Tenaments..One building..a choice of a layouts.. perhaps, as a choice of sizes.. Small - medium - delux .. along the idea of condominiums today lol. Small no outside.. Medium has a balcony.. and Delux has a small yard area .
Perhaps--Small a cabin.. 2 rooms..
Medium .. a new style say 3 rooms and balcony.. and
delux a larger version of a bungalo..4 rooms and the outdoor space.

Say ......$5,000-$10,000- $15,000
and Dubs 3-------5----------10

Definitely a Trading Post..
Trading in Trinkets and Flowers ..even Zombie hands and Skelly heads
Does not have to be the super special stuff on the main oceans..
Cost in the low to medium range..
Design for furniture, clothing.. mini Om eggs.. things -adapted- from artwork stuff available in main ocean smh that Crimson will never have with the same idea of going to appropriate stall to have it made.
Have a section for high end as in EXPENSIVE stuffs.

Skellies and Zombies:
When they appear.. have an auto message pop up in the ahoy.. with a button to wisk ye to the island.
FOR Everyone with a Yellow name.
This way more pirates will discover that there is actually more than just 3 islands in one arch.

Make a second level training Mission for pillaging where pirates can build the stamina to station.. learn the importance of it. Ie.. lol Like if they do not station or not do the puzzle they get planked and have to try again.
Or some variation.
Learn about not leaving in a battle etc.

And Kimmy..

Trading Posts and Black Markets are both a shoppe type that has to be built by the Governor.
Both also affect the game mechanics of different things on and around the island.
Both have very high tax maintenance rates with no revenue to the Gov fom the actual shoppe.( I dunno if the 000 Govs have a majic up the tax button for it lol.. but hehehe!)

#7 There are some herbs and minerals that cannot be bid on. They have to come from the merchant delivery.

Perhaps, we could have more available from pillaging merchants.. who are on either smaller ships or have less crew to fight. Less poe more rare commodes..etc.

#10 Several people do WB pillages just fine. Whether or not is a good idea.. well lol only they can tell ye. As a jobber.. I was happy with the pay.
Re ship building.. I know that with careful planning an xebec can be made in a stall.. Mine on midnight came from a stall.
Merchant brigs can be built in a stall as well.
A Galleon would be nice for Storage.. but 2 MB.. well what are ye storing.. Stockpilling over long times.. ... hmm affects everyone I am sure.. as I am thinking anount spawning is related to the use of (ie sink balance).

#9.. islands with Pirate's ships on them that get skelly/Zombies also have to have the ship owner on.. and free and willing to hop on their ship and hire in said other pirate whether ot not they want to join.
Another way is to take missions until ye find a ship that has on it's table the map for that island and whisk there.

I would love to see GEMs here.

Ok not enough arches???
Put a market on the capital Island that would purchase them.
Or More Feasible. Since the current arch is so huge and spread out...Set up outposts that buy and sell as if they were the capital Island. Either/or well.

BK 'Expeditions' instead of main ocean flotillas..
Done like IO.. Have a board with appropriate size and crewed ships protecting the main ship of the Brigand King or Queen that ye have to sink before ye can fight the King/Queen. Have to manuover in to and grapple them..
Be even more awesome to then board their ship like in the new HS to then fray.

We need more feasible relationship between the target market younger kids..their attention span..typing/spelling ability , affordability>fountain -sink relationship, more realistic dub costs on lower end.. and sloops. homes.. furniture.. clothing.. going for volume sales rather than fewer sales and more dubs.

More Inn Mini Games.. That can be played with bots or tables, that take the 2-5 minute time to play.

I lubs Crimson!

Make BK non sinky IO type that we can sink like 3 sloops AND TH THEM ..... not normal to not have broad TH in 1 year!

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