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Posted by etieti at Sep 30, 2010 3:43:12 AM
etieti wrote: 
1-A-Open islands for cading

8- Make event cades that humans can govern an island .. for 1 week ... 2 weeks ... 1 month?? At least some cades and people can enjoy governing an island!

These would be a couple of ways to eliminate the no shoppes on Crimson problem, provided the Developers believe it is suitable to allow governors to place shoppe building sites.

Governors with the ability to place shoppe building sites don't necessarily have to be awarded via winning a blockade. The Ocean Masters might hold a contest (or auction) instead. Or shoppes could be awarded by the Ocean Masters through auctions or contests.

It would of course be up to Three Rings Design to decide whether auctions and contests to win island governorships or shoppes is something they'd really want on the Crimson Ocean. It's a possibility anyway.

Yeah but crimson only have 3 islands ... they could open some mediums and outposts somewhere to cade (like in middle of lima and DN or in west side of map like harmattan!) and bring some fun on crimson! Because pilly is really getting boring trust me!

What about other points faulk??

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