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Posted by Sverdrup at Sep 27, 2010 9:06:47 AM
Re: A guide to vintage whine
This fall's harvest season on Cobalt has seen a rare and expensive new whine, lets call it, YouPlayUnfairInBlockadesByHavingCreativeAllies. Its color has a blue-green tint related to a long-term formentation that involves hydrated Chromium(III) oxide of medium saturation.

While its initial flavor is refreshing, it does bring experience from the ownership of at least 11 island's whineyards into a new enviroment, however, its after-taste is surprisingly bitter and imature. We speculate that this is perhaps caused by too much moneys spent with little thought on its marketability. Excessive exposure to a viridian economy may contribute, too, as there expensive whines can easily be charged to credit cards.

Future prospects of this whine are not promising. Rushed production of shipping containers, limited supply of wood, and excessive vanities, and contempt for diverse cultures all prevents the otherwise skilled and rich vintners to overcome past weaknesses. Only fools expect different results using the exact recipes, but even a fool's vain hope on random factors may result, eventually, in successful production.

Presently, the whine is best served chilled in an environment dominated by children. It has not yet reached the complexities and subtleties to be palatable in a more refined setting worth its price.
Sverdrup, CPTN of Schroedinger's Cat, Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Meridian

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