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Posted by Sverdrup at Sep 27, 2010 6:57:41 AM
Re: Intent to Defend Terra
Luxory from Viridian and of Domination on Cobalt wrote: 
If this flag could politic some good jobbers the blockade is already over, i've seen better navving from a brigand.

"Blockading the right way" Perhaps learn to blockade first.

I am confused, can ye please explain what ye actually mean, Lux, and whom ye are refering to? Who needs to learn what?

I have no problem bearing the label of "village idiot" or "greenie" for not understanding how to play alliances, how to bnav, or how to do wars, pay- or otherwise, but yer flag of Domination has now lost 3 sinking blockades in as many weeks while outspending the opposition 2:1 or even 3:1.

There must be something that Domination is not doing right just yet, but what is it? They sure take this much more serious that I, the "village idiot" ever will. It really is good fun to me and the mates on my ships, so, I really mean this as a thank you to Domination to provide us with the entertainment (no sarcasm here, I really mean it, I do love blockades).

Also, what should we call someone who does the same thing the same way ... yet, magically, expects a different outcome? Please enlighten us, we may all learn something new. A good thing.

Congratulations to Elements of Fear for a fine, fun, spirited, and successful defence of Terra ... again. And all our combined jobbers, those working hard for both Domination and Elements of Fear.

EDIT: Vintage Whine
Sverdrup, CPTN of Schroedinger's Cat, Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Meridian

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