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Posted by Huckfan at Sep 18, 2010 6:01:53 AM
Re: Intent to Defend Terra
Well most of the good points have already been addressed thanks to Roca and Eyestrong.

And, like Redjenny said, I'm not an alt! I think most of the oceans knows who I am. They may not like me, but they've certainly seen my name.

Why post a Flag, "Thank you," when you can just say it the /jc chat?

Unfortunately my mother from out of state is coming into town this weekend and I can't be there for the block. Otherwise, I'd greatly look forward to taking your precious island. What turned into probably a good jobbing support post turned into a whining post.

Get over it. Move on. Real life > Game. Lighten up
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You told Tinycat, "yes"
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