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Posted by uberstyle at Sep 18, 2010 5:39:02 AM
Re: Intent to Defend Terra

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Once again Domination has attacked us. They are welcome to their intended pay war but we will not be playing that game. Raising pay sky high may be acceptable on the dub oceans where these people are used to playing but that's not going to fly here. Islands come and go, but no island on Cobalt is worth that much.

Do you really want somebody from another ocean running an island on Cobalt? Do you want somebody who is known for breaking promises on other oceans to come here and take control of an island?

Help us defend against the cross ocean blockaders! NOW is the time to make a stand against those who would try and buy an island rather than fight for it.

I doubt many would be happy if the ocean sold out to people who don't primarily play here instead of helping longtime hearties and saying it's not personal ... it is. A lot helped them last week at Harm and I look forward to seeing what this ocean does with its second chance to make the right decision.

Excuse me, but you highly over-reacted there.
If you say 2.5k is a pay war then that's mad. Talking about alting, first of all it's not against rules, so live with it. Second you've been playing in Cobalt for a lot of time and you should probably have enough PoE to handle the 2 islands you got otherwise you don't even desereve them. Third we didn't shift a pay war. In Cobalt a pay war in my opinion is having a 5k+ a seg, that's called a pay war. I can't understand how am I buying an island with a work of 3-days only while you guys have been playing for 3 years+ and call a 2.5k/seg blockade pay war. What's more, a pay war is to be a pay war when the B-navvers aren't in a good level but as you saw our B-navvers were good enough.

My whole point is, we're not buying an island unless 2.5k for 70-90 jobbers is too much than you could handle while having 2 islands. Like if I was to buy an island I woulda bought Harmattan. I coulda shifted a 9.9k payment and won it in a round simply, just saying. Good luck defending.
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