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Posted by elusivedream at Sep 18, 2010 2:42:36 AM
Re: Intent to Defend Terra
There are active flags big and small, old and new on cobalt. Made up of players who run pillages, sea monster hunts, flotilla attacks etc....
They work hard as flags and crews to build fleets and war chests, with one common goal, to win an island. Had it been any one of Cobalts active flags behind this there would be no giant question mark surrounding it. We realize our flag isn't as active as it once was, we also knew all along we had a huge bullseye taped to our backsides, we aren't comatose.

Domination is made up of mostly dub ocean players, who are obviously bored and came here to stir up trouble. They have no valid intent Could probably care less about owning an island here on cobalt for any other reason than to brag about it on whatever ocean they call home, and if they win I expect there will be plenty of degrading messages written on tourney scrolls while they bask in their glory. That's how they roll *eye roll*

Notice the lack of an intent post. More importantly, (and what bothers me the most being a mother who taught her children manners), is their lack of a Thank You to those who helped them last weekend. Maybe they thanked ppl in crew chat before they threw in the towel, but never have I seen a flag on Cobalt, win or lose, not post a Thank You on their flag pages or in their intent posts when all was said and done.

We will have fun today, win or lose, but would much rather be playing defending against true "Cobaltians" who, like us, care about this ocean, the jobbers who come out to help them, and what they're fighting for.
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