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Posted by cheeseman454 at Sep 17, 2010 10:50:42 PM
Re: Intent to Defend Terra
Nah I would rather let people from other oceans who are active in this game run islands instead of people from cobalt who are not active. To be honest I think people on cobalt take things to serous, a blockade is not just a blockade on here. They take it as a personal attack and start tarting and getting mad at you like you are some evil person. This ocean lacks the spirit of good old blockading for fun. Also it about time some one pays more the 250 a segment, that just ridiculous how little people store for blockades. If your not active and not actively making poe then dont own an island.
On a another note it not like terra cost you anything, it slowly transfered its way back to you so you did earn money off of it. I am in favor of how dub oceans are run, they don't have ridiculous stuff like napi not being drop on in 3 years or more. Cobalt just keep dyeing away, who wants to play a ocean with no blockades and no one is greenie friendly.
These are my own views and reflect only me and no one else.
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