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Posted by Sverdrup at Sep 17, 2010 8:46:27 PM
Re: Intent to Defend Terra
With all due respect to my allies under attack, I think you are mistaken that this is an effort by 5 ultimate swordfighters from Viridian. Without the substantial logistical and financial help of island-holding flags in Oynx, there would be no flag that can drop as the alt flag Domination does.

That said, we will be there to aid the defence as best as we can. And not just at Terra, and not just tommorrow. This alt flag has a very soft underbelly ... and one of its most prominent supporters is feable and silly enough to get himself banned for a few days for throwing obscenities in multiple /tells, as he could not handle a declaration of war.

That said, all action, both attackers and defenders, heartily endorsed. Lets have a fine defence and lets bleed the attackers dry.

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Sverdrup, CPTN of Schroedinger's Cat, Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Meridian

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