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Posted by lord_oll at Sep 8, 2010 12:19:25 PM
Re: Crimson Ocean Sloop Races
Ok, as previously mentioned, but I will mention it anyway just for emphasis


(This is because of a real life boat race)

and I will draw your attention to the clause near the end of the notice

The organiser reserves the right to change or alter the schedule without notice

I may yet have to CANCEL or POSTPONE the race on the 18th of September, due to an actual event in real life that I am involved in (for anyone interested the event in question is another real life Boat race)

But at the moment, everything will go ahead as planned.
Crimson Sloop Races!

Okaw on Hunter and Crimson
Darkollie on Cobalt
Okaw or Darkollie on the other oceans when I occasionally visit.

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