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Posted by Cronus at Sep 3, 2010 4:24:23 PM
Re: September Familiar Competition - Get your tickets!
Wonderful idea, could you just explain a bit about how claiming portraits will work. Will you post a number of periods you will be around available for portraits and we can then pick a slot with out petition (subject to there not being too many portrait requests in that slot for all to be met). Or do we post a number of times we are available for the portrait to be available. I suspect the first option will work better.

Portraits will be done in the same way as the other prizes. When you file a petition, you'll want to include times where you'd be free. Once I confirm you have the trinkets and nab them, we'll try to work something out. It's quite understandable that it would take time to find a time that works.
Will winners also get trinkets to keep in the competitions? I like to keep a trinket case of all the trinkets I have won in competitions and I would hate t be torn between keeping a trinket as a momento of my performance or trading it in for some goodies.

Sorry mate, I'm going to remove the trinkets to prevent confusion.
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