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Posted by Cronus at Sep 2, 2010 9:12:17 AM
September Familiar Competitions - Get your tickets!
During the month of September, we've decided to do something a little bit different for familiar competitions. Each competition will have "tickets" (ribbon trinket) as the prize that you can later cash in for valuable prizes - Even a familiar. It will be up to you to determine what prize you want to cash in your tickets for. Think of it as a trip to the arcade where you collect small tickets to exchange for something shiny on the back wall.

Throughout the month there will be several different competitions. Some of these contests will be announced, others will not. I plan on having a variety of settings and prize values to encourage different styles of play. So if you don't care for one, there will most likely be another you'll like more.

Deadline for prize redemption is 11:59 PM October 9th .

Colored Familiar - 200 points
Tan/Tan Parrot Familiar - 50 points
7 person Portrait with myself and another mysterious OM - 20 points.
Cronus' Mysterious Grab Bag. A random unpurchasable item I've already wrapped in a box (artifact furniture, funky colored potted flowers, Cronus egg, etc). - 10 points

Each ticket will have a point value associated with it. Below you'll see the value of each ticket. It's your job to determine what is most cost-effective and what goal you want to shoot for.

Black/Black Ribbon - 200 points
Tan/Tan - 50 points
Red/Red - 5 points

Redeeming Your Points:
  • There will be two days a week you can redeem your points, Thursday and Saturday. This will help keep the queue manageable for OMs on duty. Please try to only file a petition to redeem your points for a prize on these days.
  • File a petition on Thursday or Saturday with the subject, "Sept. Comp Prize (attn Cronus)"
  • Place the tickets on your pirate. Make sure they're inscribed as being part of this event.
  • List the prize(s) you want and what tickets you have to trade.
  • If you're getting a portrait, please include a general idea of when you'd be available so we can work out a good time.
  • Wait patiently. It's entirely possible it takes me a day or so to make the exchange.

  • Deadline for redemption is 11:59 PM October 9th. No tickets will be exchanged for pirates submitting petitions after this date.
  • Tickets are transferable. Feel free to buy/sell them in order to meet your prize goal.
  • You are not limited to the number of points you can acquire.
  • Please keep the number of redemption petitions to 1-2. If this means you have to hold onto tickets to submit a petition for multiple prizes, please do so. This will help limit the time it takes to provide prizes.
  • If you acquire enough points for a colored familiar, you may pick the type and color. However, please keep in mind that the standard event restrictions are in place. No all white, all black, LE colors, etc will be allowed.
  • Ribbons will have an inscription for this event. No trinkets will be redeemable for prizes if their inscription does not indicate it's from this event.
  • If you win a portrait, you will receive the original free of cost which includes the sitting fee. If you'd like any copies (including copies for others in the portrait) you'd need to pay for them.
  • The rules are subject to change, so please check here for additions. Because this is a new event, it's entirely possible we have to make adjustments to make it run smoother. Consider this fair warning.

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