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Posted by lord_oll at Sep 1, 2010 1:40:27 AM
Yet another Crimson Suggestion from Okaw...
Ok, Having read some of the comments in my previous thread, I have come up with a solution to the issue of war, whilst I have tried to avoid the subject, many people brought it up, so it got me thinking, anyway:

1. War is normal as on other oceans

2. Vessels which are "sunk" are not actually sunk, but are Damaged, and have to go to a shipyard for repair, this also gives another purpose for the shipyards, which are ultimately going to run out of business when everybody has a ship. (apart from the occasional bludgeon)

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Okaw on Hunter and Crimson
Darkollie on Cobalt
Okaw or Darkollie on the other oceans when I occasionally visit.

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