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Posted by Corridon at Aug 31, 2010 5:29:00 PM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
You know, an incident happened to me about the adults sabotaging the kids. I am 11, (now first I want it to be shown in the rules that you need to be 13 to do forums, because I am pretty sure Okaw is -13, and it let me enter forums even though I am eleven.) This guy, chickendude, or whatever his name was, it was a year ago, and I forgot it, but it was chicken something, well, anyway. He borrowed one of my ships for a day, and whenever I logged on since, he just pounced off the server. A week later I caught him on and told him I wanted my ship back, he refused and muted me. I went to his captain, a good friend of mine, told him what happened, and asked him to do this and that. Now the guy who took my ship was a fleet officer, and was given a warning to give me my ship back by the captain. He refused. Officer, that simple. He refused again, pirate. He did it again, cabin person. He still refused, reportance, again, booted from crew, until he finally gave the ship up.

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