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Posted by TBPOTN7 at Aug 30, 2010 6:39:21 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
I like it, but there's a difference with Gunning and Bilging though. Those don't rely on your skill, since filling guns and clearing crabs is just part of the gunning/bilging process. Filling a hole as a masterpiece does require skill though. (which is not necessarily a bad thing of course)

I agree. The carping equivalient of crab clears would be 'fills with putty'.

Again that's a no. If you know how to carp, then you know that you score a bucket thing by filling a hole while making sure the nerves (or however you call it) of the wood are aligned in the same direction. This again relies on skill.

It could be me, but are you saying you get a bucket for getting a grain bonus? I think this is not true and buckets are random pieces. (Have sublime carp and never found a relation to anything with buckets) As far as carp trophies, please some for masterpieces.. Just following the guns ones would be fine (number-wise). Yes, it requires skill, but we have enough trophies that anyone can get and enough trophies that are gameable. More carps love plox.

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