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Posted by Russelk at Aug 28, 2010 5:48:00 PM
Re: A guide to vintage whine
I'll go on the assumption that you don't understand this thread.

Your pointing out other peoples' whining is you whining. You doing it in a "sophisticated" manner is hilarious. Me whining about your nonsense thread within the thread fits within the context of its own framework, though I chose to be more aggressive rather than make a horrible wine joke.

If you agree that the Dadao is (was) overpowered, then you're shooting yourself in the foot by calling attention to others "whining" about it. People won't respect complaints made in a childish fashion, and reading your post will give them a predisposition about the kinds of people that are upset with Dadao's current drop pattern, and the ways in which those people are expressing their complaints. Thus, it will be more difficult for something to change because even if someone comes along and posts real reasons that the Dadao should be altered the fools that read your post first in this abominable thread will already assume that the poster is "whining" and that the Dadao is perfect the way it is. You cannot believe people would post that others are "whining" about some issue that they in fact would like to level complaints against as well. As I explained, it is measurably counter-intuitive. And if they are doing such things, my post is perfectly in line with what is going on here.

You got my analogy wrong. But I kind of like your version.
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