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Posted by Lazyeyes1991 at Aug 26, 2010 2:54:24 PM
Re: TO Rebel or not TO Rebel? Call to Arms at Papaya!
Seriously though, who on Midnight gives two poops for poes anymore, I haven't been active for 4 years and I have poes coming out my ass.

Might i sugest

And so blockades are won not by those who are actually in the flag, committed to its success, but by paywars and whoever has the larger purse.

It is still won by those who are in the flag committed to its success, thats where the PoE is coming from. Since i joined TO and since the Ragnarok started, I have seen a much higher level of activity from within the flag playing. Having normaly upwards of 20people from TO for blockades on (a few are alts from diff flags i am sure). Also TO has pulled off a few wins/barely lost blockades that i have seen while being out jobbed by 20 or so jobbers. I also tend to see the same jobbers even when TO is being outpayed. So there still seems to be a large number of people who like people in TO or what the plan of TO is, not what the pay is. I think friendship is still stronger than PoE.

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