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Posted by PracticalM at Aug 26, 2010 8:53:18 AM
Re: TO Rebel or not TO Rebel? Call to Arms at Papaya!
One of those changes is that (IMO) players these days don't care about flags and community and "politics and fun", as you said, the way we used to. They care about who's paying more, full stop. They flit from ocean to ocean, table to table, jumping ship in mid-voyage with nary a thought for those they leave behind, already forgotten. And so blockades are won not by those who are actually in the flag, committed to its success, but by paywars and whoever has the larger purse.

Is it terrible? No. But it's not the game I used to play. A game where many jobbed for blockades for no pay at all, because it was helping their flag (or their ally), and that actually counted for something.

We've gone from friends helping a friend move, for free (and some pizza) because that's what friends do, to a pack of rowdy kids showing up on your front lawn/step and wanting to know how much you'll pay each of them to carry one thing to your new place, which they probably won't lose or break along the way, unless someone makes them a better offer or they just get tired and decide to leave it sitting in the middle of the street.

I wasn't around before blockades without pay, but the common place where I see this greed being a problem is when people are asked to the be the jobbing contact or the quartermaster and they would rather be on the board because the support jobs are not automatically paid. I haven't seen it with many but I have seen it. Though I also saw a lot of resistance to the pay jobbers only option in the blockade pay window.

I also see it when crew and flag mates don't join crew or flag pillages because they can make better eights elsewhere.
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