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Posted by lord_oll at Aug 26, 2010 7:13:05 AM
Re: Crimson Ocean Sloop Races
At Noon game time, a starting signal will be made across the /fo chat channel, and individually by /tell to any boats not in the flag.

This is the only thing that I am concerned about. Couldnt you job all of the contestents who are leading a ship into the same crew and then give the start message?

With your current system, your whole flag would start first and there may be people starting when a ship gets to the first league.

Yeah, after I made that post the thought did occur to me, the original plan was to have a few alts logged in and then press enter at the same time on two different keyboards, but the jobbing solution seems a bit more simple, so why didn't I think of that.
Crimson Sloop Races!

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Okaw or Darkollie on the other oceans when I occasionally visit.