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Posted by Wildboy at Aug 25, 2010 9:49:25 AM
Re: TO Rebel or not TO Rebel? Call to Arms at Papaya!

The idea is to see whether people can be influenced by politics and fun more than poe. I suppose I can agree to 200 poe cap. But I can't say the same for the other 2 sponsors. And no, I won't pay you more than 50,000 poe even if you pay your jobbers 200 poe instead of 10. :p

I am not doing this for the POE more the idea sounded fun.

I believe the attacker sets the time that suits them? You may have to get your flag's fame up a tad in order to drop on a large island like Papaya?

That is true but seemed like a few would like to partake in this was just more in the spirit of entertainment then actually trying to take the island. The island is more a bonus then an objective

Shall I take it that the uprising has begun? If so, please post the customary intent thread, just for hoots.

Aye the uprising has started and I shall be the tip of the sword...This sunday 3pm-ish and we shall have the governor's head on a pike.
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