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Posted by wonkothes at Aug 25, 2010 4:29:03 AM
Re: TO Rebel or not TO Rebel? Call to Arms at Papaya!
In an time where jobber pay has migrated up to 400-500 poe per segment, you are expecting a flag to get jobbers to puzzle for 3 to 5 hours for 150-250 poe total? Even a bad pillage can earn pirates more than that in 5 hours. You even stipulate that even if TO raises pay, the attacking flag can't go over 10 poe.

This is an interesting premise, but I think it needs some work.
Wonkots Governor of Wrasse
Cleaver wrote: 
Your new Penguin Overlords will be along shortly to begin the long and 'difficult' process of 'correction'."

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