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Posted by Russelk at Aug 24, 2010 11:57:44 PM
Re: A guide to vintage whine
Wait. Wait. Wait. There's a thread where people try to be clever, but in actuality just whine about other people whining? I have to go do some I'll let y'all get back ter whining...but seriously do you feel superior posting "Ahh lots of people are complaining about the Dadao...apparently I disagree with their claim that it is overpowered, so I'll choose to call what they're doing "whining," when they have may in fact come across a major game flaw, but are unable to properly articulate this, or in fact unable to formulate cohesive reasoning for such thought on a conscious level. You should all just shut the f*** up...

I chose the Dadao example because it is the most recent and most ridiculous that I saw, and I'm not going to read through a thread list of complaints dating back four years.

And yes, I'm obviously "whining" about your thread, and apparently have now sunk to your level.

EDIT: I was way too high when I wrote that and I forgot something important. You're all infants suckling on momma OOO's tit, and your bi***fest thread is the hissy fit you throw when that milk turns sour, but what you fail to realize is that you've been pissing in it the whole time.
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