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Posted by Winklecat at Aug 21, 2010 12:14:50 PM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
Okaw's blockade and rent suggestions are actually pretty decent ones, and the discussion of the doubloons problem does highlight another real problem that Crimson has right now; it is almost impossible to play for free, and access much content.

I must admit I get a bit cranky when pirates who do not play Crimson regularly blow it off as a failure. You could make it much more lively if you came by and applied your excellent pirating skills on Crimson!

Feel free to job with my crew, or Ouish's, or Captainryan's, or Okaw's, or Allusiveanne's, or Redfangs...I could go on, but won't...and I suspect you will find it fairly enjoyable.

Earlier this week my crew did a junk pillage, ending with a skellie fight and some foraging. Profitable and fun for all.
Today we took out Beebeb's new midas sloop. Had a full sloop for a while. Got a TH expo, and ported with a nice booty despite losing a battle when we were tired and under staffed on board.
I have a print screen, if only I could figure out how to post it...

Crimson could use some tweaks, and some more pirates to wander by. But for those of us who don't care about poker, and enjoy pillaging, it is a fun ocean.
Winklecat, Captain of Dark Guardians on Crimson, SO of The Bootleggers on Sage
SO of The Bootleggers on Emerald
Royal and occasional monarch of The End

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