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Posted by REJBELLS at Aug 17, 2010 1:23:30 PM
Re: Crimson Access To Training
Is there a Parent .. who has a child's client locked to-- Crimson assccess-- only?
This is different from setting up a client on a main ocean and taking it to Crimson.
There are young players who say are not -able- to go to the other oceans. ie No access .

Alamarana, are ye playing PP from your Browser?
I just have a client icon on my desk top. I never 'see' unless I specifically open my browser and go to it.

My actual game experience all begins with the separate stand alone client.

From- In game- on this client, I have access thru YE on the right Panel> Help to the forums and from there my accounts, yppedia, online thru my browser that auto loads up when I click that in game.

There is no direct connection to that I have found from there.

What IS available thru the client in game..
-Played thru the browser which would start you at
-Played thru a Crimson Only client..
ie In the browser.. or from a separate stand alone client?

Do they only have access to the Documents section?
In both or either case?

Is theree a workaround for locked clients to go to and choose from there.
Does the Locked client show everything on and give access to all.. some?

As a greeter.. these are important things to understand.

What I see is not what a greenie sees on regular oceans..

some of the kids who 9-13 years are capable of reading , are used to research on the onternet., are game savy and want to know how stuff works and hints and tips.

Is this guidance available in game.. or is it something that , perhaps is a pre cursor to an underground tops and tricks.

...some days I wish I did not care about Crimson...sigh
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