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Posted by Mystrelia at Aug 15, 2010 10:05:20 PM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
And after all is said and done.. this is still in test mode.. So anything we aquire or do with our paid for dubs can go poof at any time. Even tho we may have paid real cash for the dubs to purchase them.. Nothing actually belongs to US.
Now that's real incentive to play Crimson.

True facts. Er, wait a minute, that actually already happened to my son's pirate (and since he was a member of the GDC it shouldn't have happened). He logged on one day to find his pirate deleted. His ship was still floating around but his pirate and everything that pirate had was deleted.

Of course the nice folks at OOO helped his new pirate get his ship back and gave him an extra three months' GDC.

I forgot to check doubloon prices when I was logged on tonight so I went back and got them.

For comparison sake, Crimson and Malachite:


Offer to buy: 3,182

Offer to sell: 4,410



Offer to buy: 2,260

Offer to sell: 2,554

I can understand a concern of people buying doubs on oceans where they're cheaper to use on other oceans. I've done it, supplementing my doubloons by buying some on Malachite with PoE. I don't think I spent them all on Malachite because I remember helping my son outfit his sloop with a portion of them at one point.

If there are people who play on Crimson simply for the sake of earning easy PoE to spend on doubloons to take it to other oceans, then there must not be a lot of other people playing on Crimson.

Here's the thing. We are just the players, the people who enjoy the game and throw money at OOO whenever we can. We see a huge problem on Crimson. We enjoy Crimson and want it to be a viable ocean to play on. Currently it is anything but viable.

My son, even though he'll be old enough for one of the adult oceans in less than six months, still wants to play on Crimson after his birthday because he has his own boat and knows people there. (It's just my opinion but he also has a lot to learn about puzzling before moving to another ocean.) As it is, he'll be forced to abandon Crimson out of sheer desperation and move full-time to another ocean.

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