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Posted by REJBELLS at Aug 12, 2010 8:05:37 AM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
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REJBELLS wrote: 
Please explain how you got from dub Xchange offer cap .. to total ocean poe cap. I am missing the information on ocean set up. Or thinking about the information differently.

Doubloon exchange offer cap limits inflation of the exchange rate. Capping the ocean PoE limits the PoE to doubloon ratio to some max value, thereby combating inflation in the exchange rate, at the exchange or via pirate to pirate exchange (as in my later edit).

Faulkston , I am honestly having trouble getting my brain around this one.

Are You saying that:
If-- A cap is put on the dub exchange.
Then, a balancing cap -must- be put on the amount amount of poe allowed by the game mechanics to be on the ocean.

Meaning , less payouts for winning battles on pillages, payment for fruit, tournament payouts, navy earnings.etc..
Also, affecting the rent/tax on stalls ( which also considers island population), amounts won by the bots in battles, difficulty ramp to might rate of ships, difficulty levels of league points etc.

... with the purpose of balancing poe to dub ratios on a particular ocean.

Are You saying dub exchange cap and poe cap MUST happen together or are 2 separate ways to handle an ocean's economic balance act.

Are you saying that...since the dub exchange is allowed to offer pirates purchasing dubs on Crimson to pay the 'hovering at 5k 'per dub cost that this allows the game mechanics to have more poe paid out in the above listed scenarios.

Dubs offered for Crimson Pirates to Purchase (with an amount of game poe They worked for governed by the balancing mechanics) on the Crimson Exchange are Dubs originally paid for with real cash .(known already)

What is the ratio of dubs:
- bought by Crimson ONLY pirates with real cash that are then offered for sale on the Crimson Exchange;
-to dubs bought directly from 000 on a specific pirate from another ocean and then offered for sale on the crimson Exchange;
-to dubs bought with poe earned by non- real -cash - paying pirates on another ocean that are then being sold on Crimson exchange?
- to a locked- in -to- Crimson -only Pirate?
-to pirates with other ocean access?

Max Value:
Poe to Dub ratio.
By Limiting what amount of poe is released to the ocean.
(Available to be earned by pirates)
Produces the result of.. individual pirates have less poe.. so cannot afford to pay past a certain point for dubs offered at the exchange.
End result supposedly being that dubs offered at too high a rate do not get purchased ..

P. S. Of Those offering lower cost dubs for sale underground -includes a group who are also mining those who cannot afford to pay the exchange cost. Aso a desperate group trying to acquire dubs any way they can .

What we are missing is the desperate poker player willing to part with something of value/dubs quickly .. lol

So who is buying the inflated dubs on Crimson?

Mechanics question:
When I attempted to offer some dubs for sale .. the mechanics would not allow me to offer a lower price than the current lowest offer.
This seems to mean that until all the dubs already offered are sold and there is nothing on the exchange prices are not lowerable ( a higher offer is shown next.. and then the next higher cost offer etc.)
-which is the only way to offer dubs for sale.
This is the way the poe-mining pirates are keeping the dubs inflated ?
Thus keeping a monopoly on the available cash in play around the ocean.
This allows them to capture the greater amount of available poe and use it for ther own choices.
Not so bad ..

Until ye remember that legitimate Locked -on -to -Crimson pirates
:who have NO access to the cheaper dubs earned on the regular ocean,
:who are playing the game without the benefit of other 'family' poe/cash input
-are put in the impossible position of acquiring sufficient amounts -- of the then limited by the monopolizing pirates allowing of game poe in flow
- to do the limited amount of game play already in place..
..limiting them to even less access to possible game play available
--and thus lowering their enjoyment prospects... etc etc etc..

Re: Cheaper dub Miners:

If -- we had cheaper dubs for sale on the exchnge than other oceans allowing pirates from other oceans to come to Crimson to earn ocean poe to turn in at the exchange on Crimson for 'cheaper dubs' ..Is it possible that may bring -more -pirates to Crimson?

Would this then increase the numbers of pirates on the ocean.. who just might offer pillages .. or forage pay.. who just might buy a few items here and there with some of the poe they earn here..such as a ship to pillage with , cb's, a bandana or 2, possibly a wisk..sign on for tournaments so less poe is lost to the ocean by not enough entering the tournaments, fight skellies and zombies so that less of that poe is lost to the ocean?

Crimson is set up to service a population Demographic that can be parentally locked onto this ocean alone.
Along with 'other' unknown or known-to-them pirates who wished to play/support a game restricted play environment.

What percentage of those locked in here HAD people playing the regular oceans who subsidized them here when the ocean began?

What percentage of the locked in players are currently directly subsidized by players they know (family) on regular oceans with ---dubs bought there and spent here?
- dubs bought with only ocean poe.. there or here..
-or with real cash..there or here.

What percentage of locked- in -Crimson players have no outside support (family) from dubs earned/bought from other oceans that they can spend?

What percentage of those locked-on-Crimson belong to the Dub Club?

What percentage of those Locked-on- Crimson
- bought with real cash .. a quantity of dubs
- In Addition to the Club..
-Without the Club?

What percentage of Locked-on-Crimson have Never bought dubs:
-on the exchange with game poe.
-from 000 with real cash.
I realize that even -if -000 has this info.. we, as players do not, necessarily, 'need' -to know..nor are priviledged to 000 corp data.

This is our conundrum.
Players who mine Cheaper dubs from Regular Oceans who then offer those cheaper dubs at Inflated prices For Personal Profit to Players who are Locked in to Crimson Only.

Yes , in all the regular oceans this is an allowable and acceptable source of income. It does disuade the undergound selling of dubs and goods on ebay etc. It allows a player who paid real cash to pay for goods here in trade to players who are selling on game goods etc.

Is it Good For Crimson
-re the economic/mechanics balance?
-re the available game open to the locked in player.

Does it lower the possible sale of goods thru the proper interface?
Does it contribute to the already existing undergound dub exchange?
Does it contribute to the amount of abuse of mechanics and sytems/workarounds?
Does it encourage a type of game play that is
-Against the TOSS?
-Against the pirates code of conduct?
-encourages use of loopholes ?
-Not acceptable on the regular oceans?
-encourages scamming

ARRGH Training future adult pirates who graduate to the regular Oceans!!!

Please understand Faulkston. I fully support Puzzle Pirates .
I do not have all the answers..grins.. if any at all!
I pay real cash for subs And dubs and the Dub club.
I enjoy dub oceans an often buy dubs with game poe on the exchange to supplement my dubs.
I want Crimson to work.

PP offers many , many GOOD and HEALTHY:
-Life skills, education and personal developement opportunities
( both levels.. Self knowledge and Talent/interest )
-responsibily, dependability, loyalty, trustworthyness etc etc.
-ie art computor program operation to computor skills, leadership, Team work .Participation in competitions, contests, events in game and out...etc etc..

On a Global Basis!

Ok ok .. I get off me podium for the publicity and promotion campaigning for PP

Just wondering what the consequences would be to locking a demographic specific portion of each regular ocean's residents onto that ocean which the game spawned them. Period.

China ( not Singapore) and Japan come to mind. Of course.. they locked out the rest of the world.

I know this is very long.. Perhaps Pm's ?

Do I have incorrect mechanics information?

I wonder how many players mine Crimson for easy cash that means nothing to them there to buy the inflated dubs to spend on the ocean that does matter to them.

Somehow, Crimson seems to be out of sync with the overall 000 plan of the Economic Model used for the whole Game.

Now I have aheadache.. sorry if ye got one too Falkston.
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