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Posted by Mystrelia at Aug 9, 2010 8:56:42 PM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
The points about doubs, I agree whole-heartedly. My son came up with an idea that I think might work, and that's to put a cap on the price of doubs. He suggested 2,000 PoE per doub and to me that sounds reasonable.

No matter whether a person is buying doubs with real money or buying them from others who have purchased them with real money they still have a value that to my mind is based on the price of a labor badge. If I can earn 15,000 PoE per month off of one labor badge, then the value of doubloons to buy that labor badge is based accordingly in my mind. If someone has to pay 20,000 PoE to get the doubloons needed for a labor badge that will earn them 15,000 in return what are they going to do? They're not going to buy a labor badge. What happens when no one has labor badges?

If you figure a kid might be able to pay for the doubloon club, that kid is getting twenty doubloons per month. One officer's badge is almost half the amount of doubloons they got for the month. Add to that a labor badge, and they have seven doubloons left over. That's not much to try to keep a pirate in clothes and weapons.

Ah well, that's enough of my ramblings. I have my doubts that anything will be done to give Crimson the boost it needs. *shrugs*

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