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Posted by REJBELLS at Aug 9, 2010 5:46:12 AM
Re: A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
2 things:

Game design /Economy:
Taking an awesome game and removing bits leaves only the pieces scattered in the wind.
To appeal to younger kids.. someone at 000 needed to do some homework first.
There are lots of ways to do this.. already suggested.
The problem seems to be one of shifting paradyms at 000.

Holding on to adult ocean thinking for dear life order to.. (which is never good) keep consistency is one thing. Not having the resources to fill out /create a depth and set up aimed at children is another.

Adults from other oceans are a curse and pure gold. For them to make Crimson worthwhile They sell their off ocean Dubs at hugely inflated prices. On Purpose.. 'Cause they Can.

5k for a dub is not supply and demand from within this oceans economy. This is a serious problem well discussed in other threads as it was recognized from the very start.

No 'family' can survive here on the dub club dubs alone. Just to buy a ship , a plant, and chair .. is months of saving and work no Adult Ocean Casual Player would be expected endure.

Om's have been kind enough to set up blockade events when requested.

One ship showing up is awesome. I have seen the following as well.
Two ships with one ship off ocean experienced players takes about 5 minutes to sink the kids ship just trying to maneuver around the board for the first time.

Block over.

Although Seeing your name as Governor on an island is probably 98 percent of what may attract the kids in that direction. Attaching the regular ocean responsibilities to it is .. err shall we say ' worse than Ice repercussions'.

Altering what owning an island included so that it's appeal was child level simple.. might help.

I know several of the off ocean Miners who come dig Crimson gold who love to run ramshod over the kids just to be the first name.. and try it out.

An Outpost somewhere between Dragon and Lima where one could purchase a couple of the more elusive maps may encourage more travel around the arch without the fear of getting stranded by dusted maps, friend who charted does not show up when ye on for weeks .. or ye ran out of cb.

Waits for Faulkston to come lock this thread and suggest / move it to the exisiting threads in the "Proper" places... sigh...
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