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Posted by lord_oll at Aug 4, 2010 11:14:05 AM
A couple of suggestions for Crimson.
1. OK, Blockades, one of the major issues (in my opinion) with crimson is the lack of competitive blockades, and "owning an island" is one of the main goals for people on Puzzle Pirates. My suggestion for this is a system similar to what we have on ice, where the player owned islands are changed on alternate months in an event blockade. So on Crimson, if you win the event blockade then you take control of the island, for say, a month. After a month, there is another event and the island changes hands again. There are many options for this aswell, with limiting the numbers of buildings allowed to be built etc.

2. Building rent, anybody who has tried to own a stall on crimson, it is extremely difficult to break even with the rent due to the lack of population, and therefore the lack of people buying things. This could easily be sorted by lowering the building rent (speaking especially for tailors here)

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment
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