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Posted by 29001 at Jul 22, 2010 8:12:54 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Recently I have been scanning the trophy pages of pirates with what I call "numeric trophies" or trophies baed on number of clears/loads etc. (clearing crabs, loading cannons), which get the Silver/Gold/Bejewelled/Diamond trophies in Guns and Bilge. Even treasure haul counts up boxes hauled. But what about Carpentry? I see so many Illustrious experience-stats in carpentry, but most only have Ultimate or #1 or Incredible to show. So I propose a new trophy for carpentry: The Hammer(s) (and Nail) trophies. By this I mean the trophy could be called Hammer and Nail or just Hammer, e.g.

You have received the Silver Hammer trophy!
You have received the Silver Hammer and Nail trophy!

This would be based on the amount of masterpieces made while filling holes in carpentry, along the lines of:

Wooden Hammer (optional) (and Nail) 50 Masterpieces (?)
Bronze Hammer (optional) (and Nail) 100 Masterpieces (?)
Silver Hammer (and Nail) 500 Masterpieces (?)
Golden Hammer (and Nail) 1000 Masterpieces (?)
Bejewelled Hammer (and Nail) ? Masterpieces
Diamond Hammer (and Nail) ? Masterpieces

So, with that said, please reply with thoughts, ideas, and constructive criticism.
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