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Posted by Squashbuckle at May 31, 2010 2:37:23 PM
Re: Flag/Crew trophies
A new thread was just posted asking for monthly skill-based trophies here. While I don't think that the monthly trophies should be skill-based, I was looking over my trophy page and realized we really do need more skill-based trophies.

Right now, the only skill trophies are for the top of the top. Incredible (not too tough to get once, but still the top level), Ultimate (very difficult), and #1 (even more difficult). There needs to be something for skill that's more obtainable for a player in his first few months.

Trophies for achieving Master standing (perhaps silver versions of the Ult trophies?) would be great, since "master" is usually the cut off line for jobbers for the more difficult activities like Atlantis or CI.

Trophies for multiple incredibles (bejeweled and diamond plaques for perhaps 100 and 1000 respectively)

Furniture corresponding to those trophies that can only be purchased if you have the trophy (and is inscribed with your name) would be awesome, too. That way there is another reward to show off for doing well in puzzles.
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