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Posted by MadMe at May 27, 2010 9:30:20 AM
Flag/Crew trophies
From searching around these forums, I know that crew/flag trophies have been suggested before. However the type of trophies have been variable.

My two cents towards such trophies should be to recognize benchmark achievements for a crew and flag as well as current activities. A common question I get as a greeter is "where a good crew/flag that I can join?" It's hard to someone that this crew/flag is a good fit for their level and method of playing. Some pirates just want to pillage (no SMH/CI, and vice versa), some want to just carouse (parlour game crews), some are interested in Flots and/or cades. The current ranks of fame/reputation touch on these aspects, but it's all grouped into large categories. Also trophies are a more visual indicator, especially to newer pirates.

As a CI and elite pillage bnaver, I look at a pirate's trophy page to screen for certain type of jobbers I want aboard my ship. Thus the same reasoning could be applied when a pirate (new or old) could be crew/flag shopping. The trophies should reflect a crew/flag's ability for certain aspects of gaming:

Order of Jolly Roger: this would indicate whether the crew is old or new. This would help pirates in the aspect whether they want to join a new fresh crew/flag and be part of building it. Or join an old salt crew/flag in which they can gain experience from (relatively) older pirates.

(Monthly) Seals o piracy: Although this would involve a lot of time for developers to implement, this would be a collective goal for crew/flag. My take on personal pirate seals is that it was OOO's solution of getting pirates more active in different aspects of the game. The same could be applied for crew/flags. I don't like the idea of monthly seals... it may be too much pirating overload. So preset seals could be the start of this scheme. An example could be 10/100/500/1000 successful brig/barb battles. This would show to prospective pirates the activity of pillaging within a crew/flag and its success rate.

Cade flags: like the number of points a pirate earns on cades, a crew/flag should get recognition as well. This would indicate crew/flag activity in cades and flotillas for the prospective pirate wanting to get a lot of sinky action.

There are many other suggestions previously stated before, so I won't repeat. Of note, if these trophies (or similiar ones) were ever implemented, they would have to be retroactive. I'm not sure if that poses a problem with developers, but long existing crew/flags would deserve the shiney.
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