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Posted by stevoid at Sep 15, 2003 3:34:40 AM
Re: Been waiting four RL days for my sword to be finished, bug?
Mnemosyne and Pythos are probably both correct. In my shops the estimates only vary very slightly after a server reboot; so going up and down that much is completely unlikely - I've only found my estimates to go an hour or two out at most. So I'd think it's probably people being employed elsewhere - seeing as the shop's so cheap they probably have a low labour rate, so any other employment that the workers there have will have first call on their labour.

For example: one day no ship is made, so every worker also employed at the shipyard can provide full hours, the next there is one or two - so those workers provide no hours at all to the ironmonger, as the shipyard pays better. The system bases estimates on the previous day's labour so the first day estimates will come down then the next go up drastically. A reboot during this time will throw the estimates still further out. And people are probably more likely to forage without guilt if they are getting low wages, which really won't help.

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