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Posted by bronzebeard at Jan 29, 2010 2:47:41 AM
Re: Blockades of Attrition: Yes or No?
Don't put words in me mouth, lads and lasses.
Okay, so "ships" is not what would get run out. I think Bronzebeard should've said "til the other side runs out of jobber pay."

I meant ships although it was probably a rarer event than someone running out o' jobber pay. See, years ago, when I did the blockading thing, me old flag fought against another flag far bigger than our own. They also were allied to a few very large flags whilst we had no (official) allies. So whilst we could attract a lot o' support through other methods, we still could not match their jobbers. Fortunately, leading up to the blockade, we had wound the other flag up to encourage them to make it sinking. Into the second round it was becoming apparent that the blockade was lost, so we just set about sinking as much as we could. We blockaded again whilst war was still in effect and after some close rounds, they ran out o' ships at the island. It was hard fer the other side to borrow more ships with it being a sinker and although they found some extra vessels, it threw their plan into disarray and we cruised to victory.

It's easy to say you think that's ok, but I bet there are circumstances where you wouldn't think it would be. For instance, lets say one or two or even three players were wealthy irl, and able to purchase enough dubs to have a fleet bigger than anyone else's. Perhaps these people are not very skilled at blockading but because they have limitless resources are able to blockade week after week after week with little impact to their lives. So they attack the same flag every week knowing that one day they will run out of ships, and probably a few other things. What if this went on for months? Years?

Is there really no point where it should be said, "This goes against the spirit of the game and should be stopped."?

Actually, I see nothing wrong with the technique itself. I see more of a problem with doubloon oceans letting mates buy victory. I doubt Three Rings are going to change anything that will lead to less doubloons being purchased though.

What if an island was really valuable and blockaded by different flags week in, week out, what's the difference?
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