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Posted by Roleni at Jan 28, 2010 8:24:07 PM
Re: Blockades of Attrition: Yes or No?
How much of a reward isn't what I'm getting at - but what *kind* of reward it is. There's a very important difference.

If owning an island provided a bigger material advantage, Puzzle Pirates would be even worse than it is. The material attrition in sinking blockades is already a huge boon for established alliances of island-holders.

We don't know this, because it hasn't been tried. Besides, what kind of material rewards are you thinking of? There are already built up large islands that produce plenty in taxes and flag shoppe revenue, but there are all kinds of ways that islands could be tapped materially that aren't.

Also, I said strategic rewards - which could include material rewards, but could take all sorts of other forms - from live sinking blockade boards to enforce embargoes to commodity spawn control.

Risk, Civilization, Warcraft/Starcraft, Age of Empires, Chess are all short term games in which most resources are already provided or easily obtained. Puzzle Pirates has resources that are not necessarily easy to obtain; hence why it is a bit more serious. More time is put in and more effort is put into Puzzle Pirates to achieve essentially the same effect you're going to get from Risk or any of those other games.

Try playing MP Civ on Pitboss with several players...that'll take a year (or more). :P

Anyway - they're specifically designed to be not just war but conquering games - and conquering isn't exactly ideal for an MMO, because then the game "ends"...but with the number of people and volatility involved, that doesn't happen. YPP *could* be a big huge game of Risk. It not only could work, too, it already does, and well: look at EVE.

Some degree of "case by case" discretion and judgment is required; that's what the SotG rule means.

That's really not what the SotG sounds like. I'm pretty sure the ToS already included an "at OOO's discretion" clause to begin with, too, if only for legal reasons.
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