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Posted by 123Jackpot at Jan 28, 2010 5:57:51 PM
Re: Blockades of Attrition: Yes or No?
I think the real question at hand isn't so much is griefing and harassing permissible, it's more of a case of how do you know when it's happening.
One case was brought up about sinking all the enemies ships until they weren't able to defend.
Bronzebeard wrote:
Attrition by turning up every week in force 'til the other side runs out of ships. Aye!

It's easy to say you think that's ok, but I bet there are circumstances where you wouldn't think it would be. For instance, lets say one or two or even three players were wealthy irl, and able to purchase enough dubs to have a fleet bigger than anyone else's. Perhaps these people are not very skilled at blockading but because they have limitless resources are able to blockade week after week after week with little impact to their lives. So they attack the same flag every week knowing that one day they will run out of ships, and probably a few other things. What if this went on for months? Years?

Is there really no point where it should be said, "This goes against the spirit of the game and should be stopped."?

The problem that I have run into with this "rule" is that OOO themselves don't know what the limit is. They have no bar which to measure these cases, so instead they try to judge each case on a case by case basis, based on people's intent. That's a slippery slope. It is no wonder none of us have a clear understanding of what OOO deems as acceptable behavior, OOO doesn't have a clear understanding either.

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