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Posted by Talisker at Jan 28, 2010 11:11:54 AM
Re: Blockades of Attrition: Yes or No?
Leif's already picked out the other key parts of the thread.

As an addendum, many of the instances contributing to the Exile simply aren't possible these days. You cannot, for example, simply create a one man alt flag and drop on an island. You cannot set blockades for 1AM gametime on a Wednesday night. Blockades are shorter. There is established OM precedent for shutting down an uncontested blockade, instead of leaving some poor saps in a sloop sitting there all night. In short, it's just not possible to go about attrition of will nearly as much as it used to be.
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I can't respond because I do not understand what the hell you are talking about. Sorry.

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