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Posted by dalnoth at Jan 27, 2010 9:47:56 PM
Blockades of Attrition: Yes or No?
So it has come to my attention and has been snipped from here:

The age old debate, of the message Cleaver was conveying here:


If a war of attrition is a bannable offense, I would petition that Cleaver and his group take control of all islands immediately.

I have no time for this hyberbole. Read the post I made; attrition means wearing the other side down until they have lost the will to fight. The intent of the game is that it is a fun competition between the parties. More blockades that are fun, fair and challenging is fine and good. Repeated 'endless war' blockades and no-shows to grind down defenders is not acceptable.

I don't think that attrition has much of a place in a fun, social online game. Now, that's not to say that the game design doesn't make than obvious tactic, and for that I acknowledge fault.

Attrition is pretty much by definition griefing, as it relies on wearing down (primarily, esp. in the case of established Midnight flags who can field essentially bottomless resources) the enemy's will to fight. I've warned about using this kind of tactic, now is the time to send a clear message that it's not acceptable.

Link to the thread:

So, I ask the question; Is it possible for the blockaders once and for all to get an answer or clarification from OOO's as to what Cleaver means by attrition, and if it still applies to today?

CC on Hunter had petitioned for attrition intentions once, They were blockaded 7 strait times with pay reaching nose bleeding levels and the intentions of the attacking side stated well all over the forums that it was their intention to use attrition to win. However, CC was told to await a response and never received an answer on if this tactic is ok or not.

To further complicate the situation, There are blockades every year where people think it's ok to drop a chest; load one ship to get the bare minimum contention requirement to not get hit by the Robert Donald Special and nothing has ever been done about this. At the very least, when you declare a blockade could we get some kind of a warning on a pop up box before we click OK to drop the chest.

As I am now politically retired and no Longer run an active flag, I think in my past experiences this is the most glaring problem I can see with the blockade game.
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